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June 1, 2019

HOTPOT PRESENTS : BIGGEST BADDIES Time to Celebrate the BIGGEST BADDIES that have ruled the Beijing Music Scene! Join us as the BADDEST Female DJs in Beijing DJ DaiQuiri and Dirty Dishes, for the FIRST time ever, link up to…

Thrive People

“I’m out here in the land of opportunity…”

September 22, 2019

Working Abroad In China Pursuing a job abroad and diving right into entrepreneurship – in a country where you don’t even speak the language – might seem like a lot. For Nicole Rudlege however, a science educator and the owner…

Beijing Life Hacks

Other News

BlackEXPO continues to grow in its second edition.

What originally started off as a platform designed to highlight black businesses and entrepreneurs in Beijing quickly developed and expanded into the event popularly known as BlackEXPO. This second time around as part of Beijing DesignWeek, BlackEXPO attracted over 400 people, nationals and fo