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BlackEXPO continues to grow in its second edition.

What originally started off as a platform designed to highlight black businesses and entrepreneurs in Beijing quickly developed and expanded into the event popularly known as BlackEXPO. This second time around as part of Beijing DesignWeek, BlackEXPO attracted over 400 people, nationals and fo

Thrive Beijing: One Year After Our Launch

It’s officially been one year! One year since we launched our website and started the rewarding challenge of building Thrive Beijing. Over the last 365 days we’ve brought you 48 Monday Mixes; 20 Articles; 50 Motivational Moments; 48 Featured Fridays…

Plan Your Startup: SHAGI’s Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

It’s a well known verse that the best advice comes from people who are where you are going. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why we asked Shagi Defoe to debunk the myths around entrepreneurism and share some…