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Expat-friendly tips to turn your apartment into a space you love

  US expat Jessica Stanton (@thejessination) doesn’t live in Beijing. However, after you see her Chongqing apartment renovations, you’ll understand why we asked her to share some home decorating tips with our community. Her interior design advice is expat-friendly, cost-conscious

Get a moving van in Beijing like you get your Didi

Whether you moved to Beijing with one suitcase or three, it seems that everyone’s belongings double after each year of living in this magical city. Tell us if this sounds familiar, your growing collection of stuff is typically made up…

A support group for men

  Anyone who knows me on a personal level knows that I have an absurd love for Beijing. I love the bustle of this city. The smells, though not always pleasant I find unique. I am easily perplexed by locals…

Find The Jobs You Are Looking For In Beijing.

Money. One of the most common reasons young professionals move to China. We come to earn a decent salary and then leave with the savings. The most lucrative jobs available to us here tend to be in the education sector,…