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Thrive Beijing is the leading destination for ambitious, open-minded, and curious millennials looking to make the most out of their time in Beijing.


through celebration, inspiration, and being helpful.

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We’ve been telling inspiring stories since our launch in 2017. We strive to give you something optimistic, outside of the typical news cycle. We emphasize diversity in our features. We highlight young professionals, entrepreneurs, creators, artists and everyday people with impactful words. We feature them because we believe that their thoughts, stories, skills, hacks, knowledge, and experiences might change your day and help you to live better in Beijing.


The Monday Mix 

Music energizes us. It helps us to get ready in the morning. It helps to make our commutes a little more bearable. And it sets the vibe for gatherings and dinner parties. We created The Monday Mix so that we could share our love of music and the feeling of power it brings to us with you.

We deliver our mixes every Monday morning. Why Monday? We figured it would help you to start the week right. But if you don’t want to listen on Monday, you can access the music anytime. All the mixes live here: Pyro Music App

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Feature Fridays

Cultural diversity is one of the features that makes Beijing so magical, yet we rarely stop to ask our friends more about where they are from. We want to change that. Every week, we do an internet search on a country with a Consulate or Embassy in Beijing. On Fridays, we feature our findings on social media via Feature Fridays.



Our signature event is called Beijing Monologues. The podcast The Moth inspired us to bring live storytelling to Beijing. Beijing Monologues is a night of live storytelling where storytellers and listeners connect over the touching, funny, thought-provoking, and sometimes downright crazy moments that make up our experience in Beijing.

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