Book The Author

Reading Between The Wines Book Club will be hosting a free “Book the Author” event. The event will feature foreign authors from various backgrounds and genres. It is designed to allow authors to showcase their work and inspire the next generation of writers and authors. They will discuss and share their work, answer questions, and mingle with an audience of book lovers, upcoming writers, as well as aspiring writers/authors .

Feel free to:

– Enjoy a free glass of wine (sponsored by Party Hard)

– Listen to authors tell their story and ask questions

– Network with authors, writers and other bookworms

– Purchase a book and have it signed by the author

– Be inspired to tell your own story!

**Free gift for early attendees.

The Details

Venue Name: Blue Marlin Bar & Restaurant

Date: May 4th, 2019

Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm


lán qiāng yú xī cān jiǔ bā běi jīng cháo yáng qū dōng sān huán běi lù 4 hào

(蓝枪鱼西餐酒吧 北京朝阳区东三环北路4号)

Closest Subway Stop: liangmaqiao + Exit B

Entrance Fee: 50 RMB

About the Organizer:

Reading Between The Wines Beijing is a book club where book lovers who share a love for reading (and wine) meet and discuss the chosen book of that month. At each book club meeting you can expect:

– Book-based trivia
– Tipsy Book Discussion
– Networking with other Bookworms
– Free Flow Wine (Sponsored by Party Hard)

Questions? Email: