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Get a moving van in Beijing like you get your Didi

Whether you moved to Beijing with one suitcase or three, it seems that everyone’s belongings double after each year of living in this magical city. Tell us if this sounds familiar, your growing collection of stuff is typically made up of souvenirs from travel, Taobao purchases, items inherited from friends leaving China, and products from home that you brought in 2s or 3s because you swore you couldn’t get the same product here.


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Honestly, it feels good to have an apartment filled with everything you need to live your best in China. The only real time this sucks is when you’re moving…

If you’ve moved within Beijing before then you’re probably familiar with the English friendly Eva’s Services (Wechat: ILD1508030807/Tel: 18655881325). Eva’s Services is a contact that gets passed around a lot during moving season, especially among foreigners who don’t speak Chinese. While we’ve used Eva’s Services before and were happy with her services, we recently learned about a new moving hack that is slightly cheaper and ON-DEMAND. Imagine tapping a button and getting a moving van plus movers within the hour – we loved it.

(Thank you to Nina for putting us on to this).

This is a picture of the Blue Rhino app as it appears in the Apple app store. This app is used for ordering moving vans in Beijing.
This is what the Blue Rhino app looks like in the Apple app store.


The Specs

App Name: Blue Rhino / 蓝犀牛 <- copy and paste the Chinese to your app store.

Language: Chinese only (But don’t worry we are about to translate it for you)

Cost: VERY reasonable. We paid 120 RMB + tip (optional) to move a medium sized van of items from Shaoyaoju to Wudaokou with one worker and no stairs.

Notes: The mover was on time, hard working and careful with our stuff.


Step-By-Step Guide To Order Your Moving Van in Beijing

This app is very similar to Didi. Below, we have translated the initial screen for you.

This is a diagram of the initial screen of the Blue Rhino App. Thrive Beijing has translated the Chinese into English to help you order a moving van in Beijing.
How to order a moving van using Blue Rhino.

Step 1:

Swipe to select the size of the van you think you will require.

Step 2:

Select the date and time you would like the items to be moved.

Step 3:

Enter the pickup address and drop off address.

Step 4:

To the right of each address indicate (if there is no elevator) how many flights of stairs the movers will have to climb with your items. Note: there is an extra charge for every floor but again, it’s very reasonable at about 10 RMB per floor.

Step 5:

Once you’ve filled in all the information, the app will give you a cost estimate. If you are satisfied, hit confirm.

Step 6:

Once you submit your order you will receive a confirmation number.

Step 7:

Finally, once your order is confirmed someone will call (in Chinese) to verify the information and to ask if you need any additional services such as disassembling or assembling furniture. This is the only difficult part for non-Chinese speakers.

Don’t Speak Chinese?

If you don’t speak Chinese, the confirmation may be a challenge particularly if you need added services. Here are several hacks for non-Chinese speakers who still want to use this service.

  1. Hang up.  Then use a translator app to translate what you want to say and text  it to the number.
  2. Ask a Chinese friend to help you. If your Chinese friend is not with you be sure to give them your confirmation number.
  3. Let Thrive Beijing translate for you: add lisejanada to inquire about our translation services.

Extra-Cost Services Provided By Blue Rhino

*Prices below are approximate charges:

  • Taking apart + moving bed frames 50 – 150 RMB depending on size
  • If multiple workers are required 150 RMB per additional mover
  • Multiple loading / unloading stops – 50 RMB per additional stop
  • Parking fees – paid by client if free parking not available
  • Cancellation 40 minute ahead of time – 40 RMB
  • Cancellation after van has arrived 60 – 150 RMB depending on van size


What moving services / moving hacks do you have for people living in Beijing?

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