Kenny Leonore Productions presents Singer Songwriter Night

Kenny Leonore Productions Presents Singer Songwriters:


“You’re a poet without a pen

A notebook that’s never been read

You’re a comedian with no jokes

You like that punch line instead

The most important thing is the one thing you don’t have

You’re a sheep without a shepherd”

Striking words to begin his first EP, Hietrev set a poetic tone for the whole project with this song of motivation wrapped in brutal honesty. Help Up, through Trevor’s (Hietrev) fierce vocals, captures the freedom of theatre and musical expression that many new artists fear to activate within. It takes the listener to a setting of a modern day lion king movie with the very apparent african ambience, syncopation, live instruments and the signature cinematic sound of his producer Kenny Leonore. Trevor tells us an encrypted story with Held Up, he reflects on social issues we face day to day in our age of technology and absence of true emotional connection with art and ultimately each other.


Singers are born, but the artists in us are made. It has taken Lampel almost a lifetime to breakout from her shell, draw empowerment from many battle scars, and finally finding that raw, honest, and soulful voice, which has its own, unique niche in music world. She sings from the gut in a warm timbre, nary a false note, and with palpable genuineness of an artist who has found a way to distill from everyday, casual experiences what turns out to be simplest, most impactful degrees of truth as best exemplified in her first Album “LAMPEL.”

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Event Details:

Date: Friday, September 14th, 2018

Time: 9:30 pm – 11:30 pm

Venue Name: Caravan

Address (In Pinyin): 44 Guanghua Lu

Address (In Character): 44 光华路

Entrance Fee: 40 RMB

About the Organizer:

Caravan is a unique place of scrumptuous food for your body and music for your soul

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