Sanyuanli Fruit and Vegetable Market

If you are new to Beijing and love to cook, you MUST take a trip to Sanyuanli Market.

Without fail, you will catch me at this market every Sunday doing my weekly grocery shopping.

While this market can be crowded and a little stinky at peak hours, it’s all part of the experience. The freshness of the fish, meat and produce is well worth the trip. In addition to local goods, Sanyuanli is also a treasure chest for almost any foreign good you’re looking for (cheese, baking ingredients, canned goods, cereals, grains, health goods, spices).

The only thing I wouldn’t buy at Sanyuanli market is the fruit. While the quality can be good, it’s way over priced.

Payments at every stall can be made with Wechat Wallet or cash.

Try this market at least once! If you’re screamish, you may never go back but it’s definitely a great resource for foodies and those looking for specific foreign food items, no matter where you’re from.

*Halal meat is also available.

Name: Sanyuanli Market (三元桥)


Shunyuanli No. 1 Lin No 1. Chaoyang, Beijing

朝阳区 顺源街(三元东桥往西京客隆超市对面)

Hours: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Closest Subway Stop: Liangmaqiao (Exit A)