Medium-rare steak, resting on a wooden board, sprinkled with coarse salt, pepper corn and rosemary.

Trendy Restaurants in Beijing – Steak House

Trendy restaurants in Beijing, if you like eating at them we’ve got a recommendation for you; try Steak House in Sanlitun (3F Topwin Mall).

Why You Will Love It

  • Nice ambiance (warm and chic)
  • Very professional yet friendly staff
  • Great food

The next time you want a steak dinner in a nice space, go to Steak House. From the outside, the spot is unassuming because it’s in a mall. But when you step inside you won’t feel like you’re in a shopping center at all.

The tables are neatly set up with crisp white table cloths and wine glasses ready. At sunset, you can catch a great view of Sanlitun from the restaurant’s wall-length window. Later on, the lights dim for a warmer dining experience.

The staff will come by in no time with the menu which is filled with set menus. We recommend ordering a different meal from your dining partner so that you can try more. Portions may look small but they are filling.

Set menus come with

  • Bread
  • Starter
  • Main
  • Sides
  • Dessert
  • And more depending on which one you go with

There are many options to choose from when selecting your starter, main, sides, and dessert.


The price per plate is not cheap but it’s affordable and certainly worth it for a special night out. The most basic set menu is just over 300 RMB per plate.


This restaurant is a good option for impressing someone whether that’s on a date night, birthday dinner, business meeting, or for those days when you feel like spoiling yourself.

Why We Like It

We specifically like this restaurant for the low-lit ambiance and because meals are both flavorful and filling (which isn’t always typical at trendy restaurants in Beijing).


This is not a paid review.

Our goal is to share with you only the places that we’ve tried and think are worth it. We think you’ll enjoy eating here. For us, it’s one of the best trendy restaurants in Beijing.


What’s your favorite restaurant in Beijing? Tell us about it.


Steak House Sanlitun, Beijing

Restaurant Name: Steak House

Hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

Telephone: 5780 – 9040

Address: 3-8 Topwin Mall, 1 Sanlitun South Road

(朝阳区三里屯南路(通盈1号3楼)3-8牛排家 期待您的光临 联系方式)


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