Volunteer Call for 6th China Women’s Film Festival

China Women’s Film Festival is looking for volunteers from September 14th to 23rd to help run their 6th annual festival! The international festival will screen films in various locations in Beijing, including the Beijing American Center, the French Cultural Center, the Cervantes Institute, Camera Stylo and the Crossroads Centre, before moving on to tour 10 cities in China.

Each year the festival shines a light on the struggles, inequalities and successes that women face around the world. The repertoire brings together foreign and Chinese films, which are screened alongside panels, forums and discussions with filmmakers and experts in the field.

On a long-term basis, the festival aims to empower women and promote public understanding and consciousness of women’s rights in China. Through the presentation of films dealing with women’s rights and open dialogues between a diverse set of voices, the festival aims to increase public visibility of not only women in film and art, but also the myriad of issues facing women in modern China and in other countries.

Volunteer Responsibilities:
– Be present at event spaces to register guests, organize seating, and help us make sure everything goes smoothly.
– Help with design, illustration, and/or Photoshop for promotional materials
– Photograph and video events
– Record and transcribe forums, discussions, and presentations
– Update our social media platforms
– Interview some of our guests and speakers
– Write articles about the events and the films that will be screened
– Help promote the film festival on social media, blogs, etc.

Know someone who is interested?

Please contact Ieva Kavaliauskaite at:

E-mail: i.kavaliauskaite@chinawomensff.net

WeChat ID: ieva95

Venue Name: Crossroads Centre

Date(s): 2018-09-14 – 09/23/2018

Time: Varies

Address: 18 Dashiqiao Hutong (大石桥胡同18号)

Closest Subway Stop: Gulou Dajie

Entrance Fee: Free

About the Organizer:

The China Women’s Film Festival (CWFF) was established in 2013. It is a non-profit organization based in Beijing that uses art and film to spark discussion among the Chinese community about women’s rights. In addition to hosting film festivals, the CWFF curates art exhibitions and organizes cultural forums to provoke discussion about the importance of gender equality in China. Through these events, the CWFF hopes to increase public awareness and visibility of female directors, women in art, and the multitude of challenges facing women around the world.

Email Address: i.kavaliauskaite@chinawomensff.net

Website: http://www.chinawomensff.net