Find out how the idea got started and what we are trying to do.

Welcome To Thrive Beijing.

Welcome to Thrive Beijing.

When was the last time you reflected on your experience in China? Have you accomplished what you came here to do? What else have you gained along the way? Are you enjoying the experience?

I personally came to China two years ago to save money, diversify my work experience and for the thrill of living abroad. In transit to China, I distinctly remember thinking how amazing life would be here.  My work promised us housing so I pictured myself in a modern downtown apartment. The contract mentioned lots of money so I imagined my salary magically appearing in my Canadian account. To say the least, I was naïve. Sending money home continues to be a painful process and I still can’t find the words to describe the rental properties I saw when I first arrived. Moral of this story: moving to China is never easy.

Never-the-less, it is amazing. I love Beijing. This city has offered me way more than I expected. The diversity of foreigners in Beijing is on another level –  not just in where they are from (Canada, US, UK, Trinidad, Antigua, Jamaica, Dominica, Colombia, Cuba, South Africa, Ghana, Comoros Islands, Seychelles, Uganda,  Angola, Saudi Arabia, India, Kazakhstan, Russia, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany …) but also in what they are doing here.  They are students, teachers, diplomats, entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, engineers, professional sports players and the list goes on.

There is also never a shortage of things to do here. On any day of the week, you can attend a meet up specific to almost any niche; hear live music; go dancing; attend a class; go to a speaker’s night; eat with friends etc.

This is why I started Thrive Beijing – to transcend the struggles that we face living here by highlighting the amazing people & things going on within our community.  I truly believe that Beijing is the ultimate environment for young professionals; a place where you can network with amazing minds and find the perfect balance between being social and being ambitious. Don’t agree? We intend to prove it.


On this website you will find articles about people who are thriving in their careers so that we can learn from them. We will also review restaurants, bars, cafes and other spaces that will help you beat the Beijing blues. We also intend to connect you to the things that you are looking for whether it’s an item; a service; a solution to a problem; or people and events that speak to you.

At times we will highlight events that are not specific to our community but that, which we feel are still noteworthy. If it’s posted on our website it’s likely that one of our team members or community members will be there, so never worry about being a minority as we will partake together.

The ultimate goal of this website is to connect you with a diverse community of people, events and resources to make your Beijing experience a good one. We don’t just want you to love this city, we want you to thrive in it.

So again, we welcome you to Thrive Beijing.